At Permit First, we offer industry-leading safety permits tailored to high-risk sectors. Crafted under BCSP Certified Safety Professionals’ guidance, our dual-sheet carbonless forms ensure seamless documentation. One sheet stays with site supervision for ongoing monitoring, while the other is displayed onsite. Customizable to include branding and specific instructions, our permits are essential for safety compliance in construction and other hazardous activities. Trust Permit First for reliable, professional safety solutions.

Permit First specializes in providing pre-made, professionally designed safety permits for various high-risk activities. Each permit is crafted under the guidance of a Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) Certified Safety Professional to ensure top-tier safety compliance.

Our permits are dual-sheet carbonless forms. This allows site supervision to retain a copy of the active permit, while another copy can be posted on-site during operations. Upon completion of the work, the second sheet is returned to site supervision to close the permit cycle, ensuring thorough documentation and compliance.

You can order permits directly through our website. Select the type of permit you need, choose any customizations, and specify the quantity. Our streamlined ordering process makes it easy to ensure you receive the right permits for your projects.

Absolutely. All our permits are designed to be compliant with current safety standards and regulations. They are regularly reviewed and updated by certified safety professionals to keep pace with changes in safety laws and best practices.

Yes, our permits can be customized to meet specific customer needs and branding. This includes adjusting the content to fit particular safety requirements or adding company logos and colors to align with your corporate identity.

The typical turnaround time for customized permits is 2-3 weeks from the order date. This timeframe includes consultation, customization, and production to ensure that your permits meet all your specifications and safety requirements.

Our permits are suitable for a wide range of industries including construction, manufacturing, oil & gas, utilities, and many others that involve high-risk activities.

Due to the customized nature of our safety permits, all sales are final. However, if there is an error on our part in the production of your permits, we will correct it at no additional charge

You can reach out to our customer service team via email or phone. Our team is ready to assist you with any queries about our products, ordering process, or customizations.

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