About Permit First

Recognizing the need for a better way, Permit First was created to well-defined safety controls are in place prior to the progression of high risk work activities.  Controls are certified by installing party and verified by authorized party.

Founded by industry leading safety professionals, our permits are expertly prepared to ensure OSHA compliance and designed to minimize risk through a compilation of best safety practices.

With permits by PermitFirst.com, high risk activities are prohibited until common safety practices are complete, limiting risk for the controlling contractor.  The party completing the high risk work activity completes the permit checklist and posts a copy in the field, while site supervision maintains an additional copy of the permit.  Upon completion of the work activity, the worker’s copy is returned to site supervision, completing the permit cycle.

Safety Philosophy We believe that every injury is preventable. The centerpiece of our safety philosophy is proper planning of all work activities. When workers are involved in the planning process, not only are they better equipped to complete a task safely, but often times, they buy into the program as well as a company's ultimate goal of sending every worker home safely, every single day.

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